A No-Hassle New Revenue Stream for Your Financial Institution

Introducing 1ClickCoverage

A web-based system for buying insurance that takes the pain out of the process for your bank and your customers. It’s easy, convenient and profitable for you.

The 1Click Platform can be branded to your requirements and can be easily embedded into your existing website(s).

1Click will provide the level of fulfillment and technical support that you need. If required, we have complete call center support. Our platform comes with an optional web based CRM system to manage your insurance clients.

1Click can also add additional products that you would like to offer your customers .

You’re up and running quickly

  • Save time with minimal training required for your staff and no underwriting or paper to manage
  • Experience straight-through processing with our state of the art technology platform

Your customers know if they are approved in minutes

  • Enter all details into a user-friendly set of screens that instantly develop an electronic application with an electronic signature
  • Download a policy in minutes – if approved, your representative or customer is instantly notified with a secure link to download the policy
  • Using real time payment options, the policy goes into effect immediately

Exclusive Products

  • Term Life Insurance: $25,000 to $350,000 of coverage
  • Single Premium Whole Life: Premiums from $10,000 to $200,000 depending on insured’s age
  • Accident Expense Product with multiple benefit options
  • Final Expense Product: guaranteed issue up to age 80.
  • Plus options to add a Full Life Quote Engine, Home & Auto.
  • Straight-forward and easy for your customers to understand
  • All products underwritten by top rated insurance companies