Best’s Review Magazine Recognizes for Successful Innovation

Jan. 6th, 2014: and its parent company National Brokerage LLC have been recognized as one of sixteen companies whose unique, creative approaches to problem solving are featured in the January, 2014 edition of Best’s Review Magazine. 1ClickCoverage’s inaugural product, the 1Click Term Product, was showcased. The 1Click platform offers banks, credit unions and other distribution groups a turnkey 100% Internet-based insurance platform, along with a range of exclusive products. The insurance products are electronically underwritten, usually in less than one minute, and an applicant can, if they so choose, transact 100% online. The portal has expanded over the course of 2013 to include other life and non-life insurance products as well as the term product, the company said.

In reviewing, Robert W. MacDonald, principal of CTW Consulting, said “ seems to have captured the real meaning of innovation. Even more impressive, this single system offers value across the full spectrum of insurance distribution.”

Todd Ruplinger, a principal at 1ClickCoverage, added that what sets 1ClickCoverage apart is the superior ease and seamless integration of the platform into a distributor’s current business activities. Furthermore, the platform can be private labeled to remain consistent with an institution’s brand identity.

Best Review’s Innovation Showcase is an annual forum for recognizing forward thinking among insurance organizations. A panel of insurance industry experts assessed the relative merits of the submissions. Companies from North America, Germany, China and India participated.

John Clifford, a principal at 1ClickCoverage, commented that the 1Click team and its partners were extremely honored to receive the commendation of industry experts and were focused on enhancing the platform with additional products and features, along with new distribution partners, in 2014.

To read about this innovation and all the others highlighted in the Showcase, visit The January digital edition is available to all readers.

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National Brokerage

100% Internet-based Term Insurance Product

What It Is

National Brokerage, a Boise, Idaho-based life brokerage company, saw an opportunity to offer banks, credit unions and other distribution groups a 100% Internet-based term product. NB teamed up with Fortegra Inc., a leading provider of administrative services. NB provides all the front-end technology, marketing and sales, while Fortegra provided the administration post-issuance. Working with a major life company, a completely new term product and cloud-based platform went live in less than six months. The platform has been expanded to include additional insurance and non-insurance products. The market has proved very receptive to the product. The product can also be easily embedded in partner websites with minimal expense and with full co-branding.

Why It Is

Innovative The platform offers distribution groups complete integration, rather than just providing a product hyperlink. The platform can be embedded into existing websites with matching logos, colors, etc. Retail customers can buy insurance online up to a market-leading $350,000 of protection, get instantly underwritten through real-time underwriting processing and, if approved, get a secure policy link emailed to them. All payments are electronic. The product has zero paper. Customers can access the product via their PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Measure of Success

National Brokerage has used this product to open up numerous new relationships across banks, credit unions and alternative distribution groups. They launched a new brand to market the platform,, and now 50% of their applications are generated through this platform. Since the platform went live in June 2012, they have launched a number of additional online products, including a Single Premium Whole Life product and an Accident Expense product.

How It Was Implemented

National Brokerage’s leadership team (John Clifford and Todd Ruplinger) provided the overall vision of what the platform should look like, how it would meet the needs of distribution partners and how it must be 100% Web-based and not require any human intervention unless desired by the customer. National Brokerage’s in-house technology team spearheaded the creation of the platform. A team of three programmers worked on providing the front-end platform, plus all of the linkages back to the administrative systems. Fortegra also had a team of programmers to handle the interactions with the admin systems and underwriting engine. National Brokerage conceived the idea; it took about four months to identify partner companies and then about six months to design, file and launch the product. The team was very excited to leverage Web messaging technology using ACORD standards to talk between the various platforms. One strength of the platform is the ability to offer real-time underwriting through the use of an underwriting engine; usually a decision is made within two minutes and can be communicated straight back to the customers. Customers like the fact that a secure link to the policy documents is immediately emailed to them upon approval and they can then download the policy. The ability to complete the process 100% online is also very attractive to the many consumers who prefer to transact on the Web and not deal with an agent.

“National Brokerage seems to have captured the real meaning of innovation. Even more impressive, this single system offers value across the full spectrum of insurance distribution. Those segments with potential for significant sales but with less experience— banks and credit unions—can easily become comfortable in the market. At the same time, the system allows insurance professionals to be far more efficient and offer increased value to their customers. In short, is really”

Robert W. MacDonald

Principal, CTW Consulting LLC