What's your exit path?

Who we help?
Imagine being that business owner who has decided to exit their business in the next several years. They’ve owned this business for some 15+ years and its’ been very good to them. As a result of having invested in their company all these years, most of their net worth is derived from the value of the company. The owner is starting to get a little tired and beginning to lose that fire in the belly they once had. They begin to envision themselves doing something else with their time. This scenario is being played out daily with our baby boomer population.

Does this describe you?

  • Working less in the next few years
  • Considering how to ultimately leave your business
  • Not sure how you will actually get out
  • Desire to maximize the value you receive
  • Unsure of the value that others would place on their business
  • Unsure if this amount is enough to fund your personal goals

Most business owners face the same fundamental transfer issues regardless of what their company provides as a product or service. Companies we represent typically exceed $1,000,000 in value. Companies best suited for our services have an employee base and some form of internal management team which the owner is often part of.

How we help?

Exiting a business is one of the biggest financial transactions of a business owner’s life. Proper planning is key to a successful transaction. The exit planning process can ensure a sustainable deal and a sustainable company.

SUSTAINABLE DEAL: A financial sale of a business (THE DEAL) is only successful if a client receives payment in full, the company continues to thrive, and the new owners are rewarded for their risk. What causes deals to fail? Surprises (Taxes, low valuations, lack of security, poor financial reporting, bad entity structure, misunderstanding by buyer and seller, etc.). Most importantly, where will the funds come from to buy you out and when?

SUSTAINABLE COMPANY: The Company needs to survive and thrive in order to secure and pay for a successful exit. Capable leadership needs to be in place, the successful culture created needs to be continued, the marketing and branding needs to generate growth in sales and profits after a departure, and the financial forecasts need to come to fruition.

Why you may need help?

You have been very successful at running your company and creating the organization that it is today. At the same time, creating a highly customized exit path requires a different set of skills. The difference between running your successful organization and allowing us to create your exit path is we are experts